Cooking Tips :

Making stale or soft Bhel fresh

Using kitchen appliances to make stale/soft food item fresh

Blackening of aluminium vessel

To prevent the blackening of the inner sides and the lid of a new aluminium vessel fill it with a li

Paneer Fresh

Keep paneer fresh for longer duration by wrapping it in a napkin soaked in vinegar solution

Removing egg marks from pan

egg poach pan cleaning method!

Store for long Lemons and Limes

Refrigerate uncut lemons and limes in a tightly closed jar, they can stay fresh for weeks.

How to remove those annoying Stickers from Kitchen utensils

I had a sticker that was really stuck to a coffee mug and I couldn't get it off.  I even washed it s

Lady Fingers not Stick

Adding a spoonful of curd to ladyfingers while cooking will ensure that they do not stick to the ves

Benefits of Curry Leaves Kadi Patta

Curry leaves popularly called curry patta (kadi patta) are a rich source of vitamin A, calcium and f

How to prevent Chick peas or White Peas from losing their skin while boiling

While pressure  cooking Chick peas or white peas always remember to add a tsp of oil to the water so

Preserve Smell and Taste

1. Fry onions in oil .Use the onions and preserve the oil in an air tight bottle.While cooking mutto