Cooking Tips :


1. While cooking mutton or chicken kasa or curry marinate the ingredients while cooking kasa or dry

Fast fry of onions

While fry the onions for curry add a pinch of salt ,onions fries very fast and comes nice golden col

For cutting green chillies

Instead of using a knife ,use a kitchen Scissor for cutting green and red chillies to prevent the bu

Fresh Coriander leaves

Do not cut and store coriander leaves instead cover  the  entire herb in plastic wrap and refrigerat

Boil Potato

If you want to boil potato quickly then cover the utensil with cloth while boiling of potato.

Stale but still useful Bread

You can use stale bread too, Inner white part of bread for pudding. Dry the outer brown edge in the

Marking Nuts Secret

• To keep turmeric powder’s fine i.e. away from fungus for a year keep 4-5 marking nuts(Marathi it i

Durability of Non Stick Cookware

Cookware : Before using non stick cookware following process is must for its durability. Apply a

Mint Magic

Keep pudina leaves i.e mint leaves on a plate along with cooked serving food item this keeps flies a

To keep coriander fresh

to keep coriander leaves fresh for 15 days keep them in a pack steel tiffin and u will get fresh cor