Cooking Tips :

To make bhaturas fast in a party

if u are throwing a party maybe for kids or friends we always think of an easy recipe but now u can

Chapati change into Tandoori

Some times wheat’s dough get sour i.e. fermented then make Tandoori roti of it as it is light & easy

Soft Omelette

To add a tea spoon milk while making omelette this makes soft n smooth omelette.

Lemon (fresh)

Keep Lemon fresh ,cut the lemon in to half keep them in refrigerator in a Air tight contain,remains

To Avoid Excess Oil while Eating Papad

To avoid excess oil while eating papad then apply little oil over it before roasting then roast over

Power of Table salt water

To keep ants at bay sprinkle salt water on your kitchen-shelves.

To keep Fresh Dill(Ajwain) for Longter Time

Keep Dill (Ajwain) in foil in refrigerator it remain fresh for longer time.

Cooker Long duration

Do not leave water in your cooker overnight or for a long duration. Natural salt in the water many a

To keep insect out from dry furits

To keep insect out, mix little salt with dry fruits.

To keep old Clarified butter (Ghee) fresh with Fresh Leamon Leaves

To make store old ghee fresh by heating  fresh leaves of lemon into it. This refresh your ghee.