Cooking Tips :

Crispy paratha

To make crispy paratha (methi, Gobhi or any veg. paratha) add suji into the flour of paratha (atta)

Aam Ka Achar Masala

While making Aam Ka Achar (Pickle)  if masala is left over then heat the oil & masala then add boile

Unevenly roasted chicken

For crispy skin and a moist roast chicken. Add salt, ground black pepper, one bay leaf, one crushed

how to clean fruits

Fill half sink with water , add 1 cup of vinegar and stir , add all the fruits like apples , grapes

How to make soft pudis

To make soft pudis, add some milk and sufficient water to the flour. Knead well and keep the dough a

Curry leaves ka jadu

add a handfull of curry leaves in the container in which you store rice and dals ..the rice and dal

Keep ginger and garlic fresh

while grinding ginger and garlic add a tablespoon of cooking oil to it and keep it in fridge , this

No more tears

Peel onions , rinse them and refrigerate them for 30 mintues and them chop them , you wont get tears

More sweeter gulab jamun

while making gulab jamun just keep a small cube of mishri in the middle of the jamun and fry them .

To keep rawa fresh for longer time

To keep rawa  fresh for longer time always roast for few minutes before keep for storage.