Cooking Tips :

How to clean the fried thick oil

If oil used for frying turns dark, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, cover with a lid and keep on slo

For fresh biscuits

Biscuits: If you keep a piece of blotting paper at the bottom of the container,it will keep biscuit

Bad odor in microwave oven

To get rid of the burnt smell or bad smell from the microwave oven do this: Fill a microwave saf

Making patties or tikkis of potatoes

If you are making patties or tikkis of potatoes, always make sure that the potatoes are boiled well

Lunch box

Replace sweets and candy with a few dry fruits like almonds, etc. for after lunch munching. So much

Bad odor in oven

Some times cooking odor (non-veg dishes, garlic etc.) may retain in the microwave oven. To remove, p

General Tips For Cooking Non Vegetarian

New to Non-Vegetarian cooking? Here are a few simple tips you can keep in mind while preparing non-v

How to extend life for cookwares

1. Basic care for all cookware starts with reading the manufacturer's care instructions.   2.

Never ending supply of Vinegar

Never ending Supply of Vinegar in your Kitchen

To remove smell from Hands

Deodorizing hands after cutting smelly foods- If Your Hands have fish odor, rub your hands with