Cooking Tips :

Peeling garlic made easy

When peeling garlic ,take the garlic clove and cut it in two equal portions, the skin will come out

How to remove Soya Nuggets funny smell while cooking

While boilong Soya Nugget add 1-2 tee-sp on vinegar to it, the funny smell form the soya nuggets wil

Homemade Paneer

When preparing Paneer at home use Curd instead of vinegar and Lemon, the paneer turns out to be soft


While making wheat flour rotis or paranthas, add a little rice flour to the dough. They will be easi

Keeping ginger fresh

buy ginger at wholesale rates and bury it in ur garden or in an earthen pot filled with mud , you ca

Fresh lime

Immerse lime in cold water for 1 hourdaily to prevent them from getting spoilt .


Amla has rich content of Vitamin C and hence consuming Amla on a daily basis helps keep infections a

Tips that come handy in Kitchen

The best way to keep the ants away from your sugar container is by putting 3 to 4 cloves in the cont

Tips for cooking corn

If you are boiling or steaming corn, do not add salt while cooking as it dehydrates the kernels. Do

To clean burnt vessels

To clean burnt vessels, place some chopped onions in it and add boiling water to it.Clean the vessel