Cooking Tips :

Benefits of Jaggery

This tip is specially for children who rush home after playing and drink cold water.Instead let them

Idlis from leftover rice

Add salt, sour curd and hot water to leftover rice and grind it in a mixer. Make tasty idlis from th

Remove Garlic skin easily

To peel garlic skin easily: Removing garlic skin is tedious and can consume a lot of time, especiall

Home made Chocolate Peanut Butter

How to make home-made chocolate peanut butter?

Nutritious pink burfi

add freshly squeezed juice from grated beetroot to your regular khoya burfi to give it colourful and

Yellow naturally sweetened date milk

boil your milk with a small piece of raw turmeric and dates to combat your cold cough and sinusitis

Smooth and creamy green chutney

add some dry roasted sesame seeds to your green chutney to give it a smooth creamy texture and incre

Medicall benefit

tulsi and kali mirch grinded together into a paste and should be given to a person suffering from hi

Benefits of Holy Basil Tulsi ke patte

Holy basil or Tulsi a plant commonly found in our backyard or as a potted plant on the windowsill, i

Sandwiched Paneer

A yummy and nutritious snack, this sandwiched paneer can be made up in minutes. It is great for brea