Cooking Tips :

Garlic Bread with Cheese

Ever ordered Garlic Bread with Cheese at a restaurant and wondered, how do they make this?? Garlic b

Flavored Butter

Make your own Flavoured Butter? How to Make Flavoured Butter. Adding flavouring to butter can be a q

4 Ingredient Simple Super Smoothie

A super nutritious, quick drink with loads of energy and proteins, this is a simple smoothie you can

For Soft Chapathies

How to make your rotis and chapatis soft and puffy

Reshmi kabab

when we make chicken reshmi kababs usually what we do is we take the breast part of the chicken , wh

How to keep ur griller rust free

to keep ur griller from rusting just apply oil to the iron rods , wrap it with newspaper and keep it


Making gingergarlic paste so people can make that paste from very Little amount of garlic and ging

Low calories and nutritious cake

replace sugar with dates [ soaked and pureed]  and honeyy in your favourite cake in order to make it

Soft and moist eggless cake

eggless cake would be really soft and moist if you use any aerated  soft drink to adjust the right c

Herb Brush

The heat of the grilled foods when basted with a herb brush will lend a delicious flavor to the food