Cooking Tips :

Did you know Avocados can help keep you young

Avocados could help fight aging and several diseases as they bolster cells' power centres against ha

Want a sparkling kitchen

We all dread it but we still have to do it!!! It may seem boring and tedious but something that we c


take a small piece of ginger and mash well . dip in a little lime juice and salt for 15 mins .this w


If your alcoholic drink is too strong and there*s no room in soda, you can float a thin slice of cuc

Apple Snack

A simple, easy-to-make snack which requires no oil and no cooking. All you need is 3 ingredients.

Benefits of Tofu

Studies show that regularly eating that much tofu provides an equivalent amount of energy, protein,

Did you know Radish is very useful to cure diseases like Jaundice and Piles

Radish is useful in quite a few diseases such as Jaundice, Piles, Weight Loss, Skin disorders and ma

The difference between Red grapes and Green grapes

Besides its use in wine, grapes are used for making jams, vinegar, jellies, raisins and grape seed e

Myths about a cast iron fry pan

Cooking with cast iron pans can be tricky. They're heavy and rust easily. But they last forever (if

Benefits of fruits and ingredients

Ever wondered how would ingredients benefit us in our day to day life? Here's a list of commonly fou