Cooking Tips :

Use wire racks for cooling cakes and Christmas cookies

Remove the cake and Christmas cookies after baking on to wire racks for cooling.It will not turn sog


Add a pinch of cornflour to the salt to prevent it from becoming damp and the salt will remain fresh

How to make self raising flour

If you cannot find self raising flour in your near by store , just add a tablespoon of baking powder

Soak dryfruits in rum to give richness and flavor to Christmas Plum Cake

Soak raisins,currants,cherries,orange peel in rum for at least one month before Christmas.The longer

No more stick ladys finger

While cooking ladyfingers, adding a few drops of lemon juice or a spoonful of curd to the ladyfinger

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Soak vegetables / fruits before cutting in water for 10 mins. This will remove all the harmful chemi

How to use your brand new utensil

before using your new utensil for first time keep it in the freezer for 30 minutes , by this labels

Relish New Flavor of Okra (lady fingers)

In okra (lady fingers) you can add corn grains, boiled and mashed (2tbsp), into the filling mixture

Red Chillies Benefits

Red chillies have amazing health benefits for human body. Chilli peppers contain the chemical compou

Prevent the noodles from sticking

Once the noodles are cooked, drain off the water and strain the noodles in a sieve. Wash the noodles