Cooking Tips :

Cinnamon Magic

Cinnamon can be effectively used to cure respiratory aliments, to relieve cold symptoms and to sooth

Cloves Importance

Cloves contain volatile oils whose main component is eugenol which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Right way to fry anything

how to amke thing absorb less oil while frying

Christmas wine fruit cake

Firstly chop the dates, almonds, cashews, walnuts, cherries, candied orange peels. In a bowl

How to make Strawberry Popsicle

Make your own strawberry ice cream at home. This is a great recipe for those health conscious moms.

Making Pina Colada at Home

Have you ever wondered how simple is it to make Pina Colada at home? A non-alcoholic pina colada mad

Use up less oil

Add a pinch of salt to the oil while frying "pakodas" or "koftas" any thing and you will use up less

Summer Fruit Cocktail

Give this summer a much needed break. The Summer fruit cocktail can be prepared in a span of 15 mins

How to make Bel (Wood Apple) Ka Sharbat

Bel has a strong flavor which once you develop the taste for it smells really great. If you have nev

How to prepare Bread Bhel (Chaat) at Home

Preparing Bread bhel at home is so simple. You can now prepare a popular street food recipe in your