Cooking Tips :

Kitchen tips

Lemon juice added to carrot cooking water will help keep the color bright! Reduce the burning s

Secret of delicious sheer khurma

in order to make your sheer khurma more delicious , creamy and smooth textured add some fresh ,nicel

Juicy and succulent kebabs

add some raw papaya paste and anardana powder to your kebabs to make them more juicy , succulent and


If we need to make instant kebabs and instant meat/chicken which is quite hard, then marinade the ma

Burnt Kheer Tip

If our kheer gets brunt, then transfer it in other bowl and add boiled potato in it and potato will

Frying Onions

While frying onions, if we add a pinch of salt then onions gets fried faster.

Meat Preservation

When putting meat joint in the fridge cover it with foil to prevent it from drying.

Juicy and tender chicken that melts in your mouth

soak your chicken in butter milk before cooking , or roasting by this your chicken will become more

Chopping oinion is not tearful now

keep onions in refrigertor as chopping chilled onion cause very less tears, so chopping onion is not

Perserving green tomatoes

Green tomatoes can be turned into blushy red ones at home by wrapping them in newspaper and placing