Cooking Tips :

Perserving peeled potatoes

To preserve peeled potatoes, dip them in cold water, add a few drops of vinegar and place them in th

Peeling Almonds

Soaking almonds in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes helps you to remove their skin easily.

Frying Puris with less oil

Place rolled puris in the fridge for ten minutes before frying them.They will consume less oil and w

Water used to boil vegetables

When ever we boil or blanch vegetables, we should keep the water used for boiling and blanching.

Onion Peeling without teary eyes

Onions release amino acid in air that irritate the senses of our eyes and nose. Thus squeezing few d

How to keep green leafy dishes GREEN

Generally the green leafy dishes turn pale or brown. This happens due to over cooking and boiling.

For chicken tikka

marinate chicken pieces in curd,ginger,garlic,lemon,salt,pepper,garam masala ,lemon juice paste.. fo

Drink fresh coffee every time

Do you feel your coffee powder is loosing its Aroma soon and your coffee doesn't taste or smell good

Chilly Fresh

Wash the green chilly, dry it and remove the cap of the chilly. Put in the glass bottle and sprinkle

Dry coconut absorbe

If the curd sour mix 2-3 pieces of dry coconut they will absorbed the taste of sour.