Cooking Tips :

Bread Upma

Have any excess left over bread and really don't know what to do with it? Bread Upma is a very tasty

Prepare a quick super healthy restaurant style smoothie at home

A Smoothie is a blended and at times sweetened fruit based beverage which uses a mix of fresh fruits

Cook softer kebabs

For avoiding kebabs to become harder to chew, marinate them for a longer time and also avoid over co

How to cook chicken

While cooking chicken or meat, you should first cook it over high flame to seal the juices and then

Haste to gravy

Always add hot water to the gravy to enhance its taste.

Ramadan dessert tip

Make desserts with full cream milk to get thick creamy texture.

Ramadan Biriyani tip

To get good smell and yummy taste of biryani add more onions and fry it more in oil along with littl

Ramadan curd merination tip

Whenever you add curd to the masala, beat it well and add gradually, to avoid lump formation.

Ramadan avoid sticking rice

To separate each grain of rice, add a few drops of lemon and a tsp of oil to rice before boiling the


When we make the jelly it always losen could not be set properly   but if we add 3-4 gram of