Cooking Tips :

Traditional Khoya

Always a thick bottomed and deep pan should be used for making Khoya (dried evaporated milk

Know your Eggs

Immerse your eggs in cooled salted water. Notice that if it sinks, it means it is fresh and

A smart baking tip

Dust your baking pan with the dry cake mix, instead of just plain flour before you pour in t

For Baingan Bharta lovers

Enhance the flavour of Baingan Bharta by adding ¼ spoon of sugar to the dish. While roa

Use for Pomegranate Peel

Boil Kabuli Chana with pomegranate peel. It will add an amazing flavour and dark colour to t

Induction Cooktop

Clean the cooktop once cooled. Unplug the cooktop and clean with a sponge using a mild deter

Rice Cooker

Unplug the cooker and when cool, go ahead and clean it. Fill the cooking pan with some water

Prestige Kitchen Hood

The filter should be removed and cleaned once a week by immersing it in liquid detergent and