Cooking Tips :

Keep apple fresh

Don't want rotten apple

How to make curd in summer

Take a pan and boil milk .inwhich u hav tomake curd add milk and than add tsp curd ..and 1whole gree

Remedy for salty curry

If salt is more in any curry this tip will be useful

Making Curd Faster

Make Curd Faster like never before!!!

To prevent curd from becoming sour

add few fresh grated coconut to the curd

Way to avoid itching in hands after cutting arbi

don't wash arbi before cutting, by doing this you will be safe from getting iching on ur hands..wash

How to beat cake batter

Why it is important to remember to beat the cake bater in a direction


While boiling eggs, add a little salt to the water, this will prevent them from cracking.

Palak Ke Pakore

Cooking Tips for making 'Palak Ke Pakore'


Soft & Fluffy Dahi vadas.