Cooking Tips :

Grating of bottle guard

Easy grating of bottle guard...


Cooked pasta absorbs flavour best when hot.


Carrot Cake covered with a tangy and sweet cream frosting.

Crispy and delicious French Fries

crispy and delicious French Fries

Ice Cream too hard to scoop

Ice Cream too hard to scoop? No worries! Just microwave it for ten to fifteen seconds and scoopi

Softer chappattis

To make softer chappathis knead the dough with 2 spoons of ghee and milk.

For instant tomato puree

For instant tomato puree: Pressure-cook tomatoes with salt to taste. When cool, churn them in a mixe

spilling over of milk when boiling

Before you pour milk into the pot for boiling, rub butter along the top edge and the inside lip of t

Egg fix

Most Common Cooking Mistakes Egg fix:

Dont throw the ripe bananna turn it into a TREAT

For bananas that are ripe and ready to eat but you have too many, peel the bananas and freeze them t