Cooking Tips :

White fluffy rice Trick

White fluffy rice just the way you like...

soften idle


Crispy fish fry

Frying tip

An easy way to crack and clean a coconut

Cracking and removing the flesh of a hard, brown coconut can be tough. I know I've broken the tips o

Good Colour n Texture to Gravy

Add half a cup of yogurt to onions while sautéing them for a curry. Yogurt gives good texture and ta

How to retain the softness of cottage cheese even after frying

To keep the cottage cheese soft and luscious after deep-frying, dip it in lukewarm water to which a

Replacement for Eggs in Cakes n Cupcakes

Combination of Vinegar and Baking Soda is a great replacement for eggs while baking cakes and cupcak

Peel the skin off garlic cloves easily by

Peel the skin off garlic cloves easily by heating them in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Excellent topping if you run short of cheese

Paneer crumbs, bread crumbs and some melted butter, tossed together form an excellent topping if you

To clean a blender easily

To clean a blender, squirt a few drops of liquid soap into it, fill halfway with warm water, cover