Cooking Tips :

How to retain nice colour of vegetables

If you plunge vegetables in ice water after boiling them, they will maintain a bright color. Try it!

To remove extra water from the batter

To remove extra water from the batter: When you’re making pakoras or vadas, see to it that you do

To avoid sticky rice

To avoid sticky rice: Wash the grains a few times until the water runs clear. Remove all the water a

Preserving peas

To prepare frozen peas add peas to boiling water and add 1 tsp sugar allow for 1 boil.this helps the

Easy way to peel roasted brinjals

How to easily peel off the skin of the brinjals for making bhartas

Crispy Chapati Wafers

Left over chapatis can be turned into crispy wafers

Nutritional Barfi

Addition of grated carrot or beetroot to coconut.

How to keep peeled potatoes fresh

If there is a party and one needs to peel lots of potatoes then one can do so 1-2 days earlier.

How to speed up the fermentation of dosa, idli, or vada batter

Adding a little coconut water to the batter does the trick.

How to boil eggs evenly and without cracking them

When boiling eggs, add a little vinegar or an extra amount of salt to the water & then boil the eggs