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Title : Detoxifying

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Do you lose control over food during festivals or long vacations? Read on to know how to detoxify post festivals or long breaks.

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- To start with, resist fried stuff, sweets and red meat

- You could also reduce the portion of your meal and try to increase the number of small meals taken during the course of the day i.e. 5 - 6 small meals instead of 3 meals in the whole day. Add chhaas (butter milk) to your meal if you feel more hungry.
- Have foods which contain more of natural sugar rather than processed sugar.
- Eat fresh - have loads salads and green leafy vegetables as they enable your body to detoxify faster
- And of course, exercise to get rid of those added calories

Having said the above, it's important to detoxify in a right manner. Please DO NOT detoxify in the following unhealthy ways...
- Starving yourself by skipping meals
- Don't go overboard at the gym immediately after the break - gradually increase your workout routine


Share your tips on how you can detoxify, apart from the above mentioned tips.

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