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Title : How to make a smoothie in under 10 mins

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A very quick and easy way to make smoothies at home in under 10 mins.

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How to make smoothies at home, recipe glossary, online cooking, recipe portal, prestige smartchefHow to make a smoothie in under 10 mins.?

You will need is the following ingredients:-

- Fruit pieces (any fruit/s, peeled and with seeds removed, if any) - 1 Cup
- Chilled Milk - 3/4 cup
- Sugar syrup - 1 tblsp (or to taste)
- Vanilla Ice cream (any other flavor will also do as per your taste) - 1 scoop
- Ice cubes - 1/4 Cup (or as needed)

You can also use alternatives to fruits, like chocolate syrups, cocoa powders, strawberry syrups etc. as per taste and availability.

How to prepare:-
Take all the ingredients in blender and blend un-till smooth (without lumps). Pour in a glass and garnish it choco chips (in case of a chocolate smoothie) or small pieces of the fruit used to make the smoothie.

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