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Title : Tips for making perfect rice using Prestige electric cooker

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Tips for making perfect rice using Prestige electric cooker

  • Using Prestige Electric Cooker for this is the best way to cook simple rice in a perfect manner.
  • Measure desired amount of rice with the measuring cup provided for measuring rice and pour it in to a container for washing.
  • Do not use the cooking pan provided with the rice cooker, as the fluorinated protective layer on the cooking pan would be damaged or the bottom would be deformed. This may lead to malfunction of the cooker.
  • You may leave the rice soaked in water for 30 minutes. This improves the quality of cooked rice.
  • Please remember that the above proportion depends upon individual taste and the quality and age of rice used. You will become familiar with how much water to add after a few operations.
  • Wipe off any water or food particles/dust on the outer surface of the cooking pan, thermostat and heater. Otherwise, the appliance may get damaged.
  • Place the cooking pan into the main body of the cooker. Gently turn the cooking pan left and right in the main body for better contact between the two.
  • Do not let the rice pile on the side. Make sure it spreads evenly on the bottom to avoid half-done rice.
  • Set the inner lid onto the outer lid by making sure the clip hole of the inner lid fits on the outer cover lid clip.
  • Do not press the cooking button without the cooking pan in the cooker or with an empty cooking pan in the cooker.
  • When the rice is cooked, the “Cook” indicator will go out and the “Warm” indicator will light up automatically.
  • Please allow the cooker to remain in “Warm” mode for at least 15 minutes after this. This allows the cooking to be completed.

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