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    Iceberg lettuce

    Iceberg lettuce is a variety of crisphead lettuce which is widely consumed across the world. It is characterized by tightly furled, crunchy leaves and a mild, sometimes watery flavor. There are many uses for iceberg lettuce, including salads, some ethnic cuisine, and garnishes. Many grocers carry iceberg lettuce, and it is also possible to grow the food at home; you don't need much room to grow it, and it is very easy to cultivate. There are six basic categories of lettuce, divided roughly by their physical properties. Crisphead lettuce is lettuce which forms a tightly furled head, like a cabbage. The leaves of a crisphead lettuce will be firm and crunchy, with a distinctive snappy texture. These lettuces may be lower in nutritional value than some other lettuce types, although they have a reasonable amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins such as A and K.