Bhatkali kichadi

  • Dinner
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 30-45 minutesCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Our bhatkali kichadi is medium spicy and very tasty, it is a very healthy and soft dish and it has the smack,relish,savour food leaves behind. It's specially made during bhatkali weddings.


1- 100gm Chana ki dal 2- 200gm black gram Chana 3- 100gm jeera rice 4- (3 full coconut milk ) 5- 100gm broken wheat 6- 1tbsp cashew nut paste 7- salt to taste For the chicken curry 1- chicken-1kg 2- 4tbsp vegetable oil 3- few curry leaf's 4- tomatoes chopped 2 no's 5- onion chopped 4 no's 6- green chilli chopped 7-8 no's 7- salt to taste 8- 1tsp turmeric powder 9- ginger garlic paste ( bhatkali paste) 10- chilli paste ( bhatkali paste) 11-1tsp cumin powder 12- coriander leaves 1cup 13- chicken cube's


Pan and pressure cooker

Step By Step Method

  • Method- ( For chicken curry) 1) in a pan, put oil and Curry leaves than add chopped onion fry until golden 2) add salt, and chopped tomatoes and fry until smooth 3) then add ginger garlic paste, chilli paste and all spices and later add chicken and keep stirring occasionally and keep aside. ( For kichadi ) 1) in a pan add soaked and boiled rice and wheat 2) than add haldi powder and soaked and boiled Chana dal 3) add prepared chicken curry and bring it to boil in 5-10 minutes, then add coconut milk and black Chana gram ( soaked and boiled ) 4)later add cashew paste ( it should be like thick gravy ) 5) check the consistency of the kichdi, if it is thick add hot water as needed and salt to taste. 6) garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot