Chicken Chapli Kabab

Chicken Chapli Kabab Recipe
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  • 4Spicy
  • 30 MinsCook Time
  • Cuisine : South Indian
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Masala TV recipe of Chicken Chapli Kabab by Zubaida Tariq from Handi . This mouth-watering "Main Course" recipe for Chicken Chapli Kabab can be prepared in 30 minutes and serves 2-3 people.



Step By Step Method

  • Chop 1 kg chicken mince well.Beat 3 eggs well and fry like
    omelet. Keep aside.Grind together 2 tbsp whole coriander, 1 tsp black pepper
    and 1 tsp cumin seeds.In a bowl put together chicken mince, 2 tbsp pomegranate
    seeds, salt to taste, fried eggs, ground mixture of black pepper, 4 chopped
    tomatoes, 4 chopped green chilies, 1 chopped onion, 1 bunch of chopped mint
    leaves, 1 tbsp crushed red pepper and 1 cup corn meal. Mix well and keep aside
    for few minutes.Make Pattie and fry in a frying pan with ghee or oil as

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