Chicken pepper Fry

  • Lunch
  • Servings
  • 4Spicy
  • 45 minCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Chicken Pepper Fry made with Tamarind


1.Chicken 500grams 2.Cumin Powder 2 Tea spoon 3.Pepper Powder 2 Tea spoon 4.Red Chilli Powder 2 Tea spoon 5.Coriander Powder 2 Tea spoon 6.Green Chillies 3 to 4 7.Ginge - 1 pinch 8.Garlic - 10 Pieces 9.Onion - small size 3 10.Red Chillies - 6 to 7 11.Turmeric -1 tea spoon 12.Tamarind - 5 tea spoon 13.Coriander leaves 14.Curry leaves



Step By Step Method

  • Method:-Heat little oil in a pan, add thinly sliced small onions & cook till golden brown , add the already prepared paste along with little turmeric powder , cook till raw smell leaves, add chicken mix it well. Add curry leaves, red chillies and leave it for 5 minutes , add salt , & put 2 to 3 spoon dry powder that we prepared , add Turmerind Juice 5 spoon mix it well chicken will start boiling, reduce the heat and cover with the lid. Cook until chicken is done. Once chicken is soft /cooked open the lid and cook till the moisture evaporates. Sprinkle chopped 3/4th of the coriander leaves , and serve with love…….

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