Fried Egg Dum Biryani

  • Lunch
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 1 hourCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Delicious tasty juicy Basmati rice with Fried boiled Egg with a South Indian masala.


Boiled Eggs Bsmathi rice Oil Bay leaf,Cinnamon,clove Onion Tomato Ginger Garlic paste Curd Kasturi methi Peas Egg curry masala powder Biryani Powder Green chilli Turmeric powder Salt Pudina leaves Ghee Saffron Milk Coriander leaves Cashewnuts Carrot Cucumber


Prestige Pressure cooker Kadai Plate and small bowl to serve for serving

Step By Step Method

  • Boil Eggs and prick it randomly using fork. Fry whole boiled eggs in oil and keep separately.Deep fry sliced Onion till Golden brown and keep aside. Cook washed Basmathi rice 3/4th and Keep aside. Next In the pressure cooker Put little Ghee and fry cashewnuts.Add Bay leaf,Clove and Cinnamon... Then Add onion and fry it,add ginger Garlic paste,add turmeric powder,tomato and fry till everything mixes well.Now add all the masala powder mentioned above in ingredients list.Add curd and mix well and add chopped coriander leaves and pudina leaves.Add salt according to the taste.At last mix the boiled few Eggs with the curry cooked..once the curry is ready start layering with cooked rice. In the prestige cooker itself,above curry one layer rice is Put and layer it.Above rice spread fried onions and saffron with Milk and Ghee.Next continue the same layering with the remaining rice,coriander leaves,fried onions,Saffron milk and ghee.At last place the left out fried eggs and close the pressure cooker lid and give one Vishal. Now Plate the tasty delicious Biryani and serve hot with curd,onion,carrot,cucumber raita.

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