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  • Cuisine : South Indian
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Jangri is one of the traditional Sweet Variety in Southern India, especially in Tamilnadu. Jangri is one of the popular sweet varieties available in any sweet shop. Jangri is made using Urad dal, rice, and sugar. With little expertise, we can get perfectly swirled Jangri.


Whole white urad dal/Muzhu ulutham paruppu – 3/4 cup

Rice flour (optional) – 1 tsp

Orange food colour – 1/2 pinch

Salt – A pinch



Sugar – 3/4 cup

water – Just to immerse the sugar

Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp

Rose essence – 4 drops

Orange food colour – A pinch



Sugar – 3/4 cup
water – 3/4 cup sugar


Step By Step Method

  • 1. Soak urad dal for 2 hrs and grind with very little water as we do for grinding vadas.( Approximately less than 1/4 cup).The batter should be fluffy and smooth).Mix a pinch of salt,food colour and rice flour(if desired) and mix well.

    2. Heat the sugar with water just to immerse it and after it starts boiling,let it boil for 3-4 minutes. One string consistency will be right for this, but just when a string starts to form is enough( ilam kambi padham) .Add lemon juice,food colour and lastly essence  and mix well and switch off the stove. Take a zip lock cover and make a hole with a thin nail as shown in the picture.The hole should be very tiny.

    3. Fill half the cover with the batter and first practice doing in a plate…Draw two circle as shown and over it,draw small swirl like circles over it.Just practice 2-3 times you will get it right.

    4. Then heat a broad,flat bottomed pan(keep the flame in low) with only little oil say 1 inch depth.

    5. The oil should not get fully heated,when it starts forming small,small bubbles in the bottom,then draw jangris in the oil,repeat the same to make many.

    6. Once the jangris gets cooked and becomes light,turn over and cook till crisp and then take out carefully and transfer to the sugar syrup. I used Chop sticks for this,which works out very well.You can use the one they use for turning paniyaram…Dunk the fried jangris in hot sugar syrup for 1-2 minutes (if in two syrups, then first in thin syrup for a minute, secondly in thick syrup) and take out carefully and arrange it a plate.Give a 1/2 hour standing time.



    1. Do not stir sugar syrup always as it will make sugar syrup crystallize.
    2. Use grinder or a mixie which will give you a fluffy batter.
    3. I dint used rice flour since my jangris were coming out nice without it too,use if you are grinding in mixer.Other wise not important.
    4. Sugar syrup thickness : For thin syrup, you can boil for 8 minutes. For thick syrup, as mentioned in step 2.
    5. While making hole in the cover, do not heat the nail red hot,just heat it a little and make a hole other wise,the hole will become big.
    6. Oil should always be heated in low flame or low-medium flame,other wise,the jangris will blow to a bigger size and become brittle or soggy.
    7. Use only flat bottomed pan,with less oil as mentioned.
    8. If you want you can use ghee too but use 50 percent oil 50 percent ghee.
    9. Jangri should be light enough to absorb the syrup,if its too heavy(dense), then it won’t.
    10. Keep for a day if you dont feel that the sugar syrup is not absorbed well by jangris. 
    11. And lastly,if you are not comfortable with drawing the jangri shape,please,do make a comparatively bigger hole and make mini swirl like rings as they give as mini jangris in some shops,it will come out very cute!

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