Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli Recipe
  • Dessert
  • 10 Servings
  • 2Spicy
  • 40 MinsCook Time
  • Cuisine : North Indian
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it is a very good and delicious recipe for all festivals and party



Step By Step Method

  • 1. Powder the cashews in a dry mixer. You have to be careful here, just grind it in a stretch, don’t stop in between and grind. You will be sure able to see the powder in the transparent lid, so keep grinding until you get fine powder.This will not take much time. Also never grind the cashew which is cold,taken from the fridge,grind it when it is in room temperature. When I ground 1 cup of cashews, I got more than a cup of cashew powder, but I used 1 cup,heaped(like a mountain) cashew powder. There was some 2 tblsp left for me.

    2. Boil sugar with water and keep stirring. Keep little water in a small bowl and just pour few drops in the water to check the consistency. If you pour few drops, it should lay a fine thread that doesn’t gets dissolved in water immediately when you touch.

    3.At this stage,low the flame add the powdered cashew and keep stirring.Say for 3-4 minutes in low flame and your mixture gets thick and starts boiling, switch off the flame. Smear ur hands with water and test by rolling a small pinch of the mixture in between ur fingers. You should be able to form a non sticky ball. This is the correct consistency.

    4.Keep stirring in the pan itself with the ladle and the mixture turns more like a dough.When the mixture is still warm,take it to another clean platform/countertop and keep kneading. Mine was a bit dry, so I sprinkled some milk and kept kneading.The dough was grainy till then, but after kneading the dough really became smooth. I used gloves for kneading,so if you want u can use little ghee while kneading.

    5.Roll the dough into thin layer and cut it diagonally to make pieces.You can first draw lines lightly with the knife tip and then cut into diamonds to get perfect shapes.