mughlai paratha

  • Breakfast
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 30 MinsCook Time
  • Cuisine : Andhra Pradesh
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an ideal recipe for a sunday brunch


  • wheat flour  -  2 cups for dough
  • eggs             -  4
  • onions          -  1 large finely  chopped
  • tomato          -  1 small finely chopped
  • green chilly  -  2 finely chopped
  • corriander leaves  -  2 tbs
  • red chilly powder  -  1 tbs
  • vegetable  oil    -   1/4 cup
  • wheat flour        -   1/4 cup for dusting


  • frying pan
  • bowls
  • spoons
  • laddle
  • rolling board and a rolling pin

Step By Step Method

  •          Take a bowl. Knead the flour using water. Keep it aside. Take another bowl. Break all the  eggs .

    Whisk the eggs well using whisker. Now add salt , chilly powder, chopped onions, chopped


    corriander leaves , green chillies  and again mix  well. Keep it aside.

               Now, start making parathas. Take a  big lemon sized ball from the dough and roll it  like a 

    chapati. Apply a spoon of oil on the chapati and sprinkle some flour. fold it in a semicircle. Now again

    apply a spoon of oil on it and again fold it .it will now look like a triangle. Now roll it evenly from all the

    three corners  giving the shape of a triangular paratha.

                Put the frying pan on the stove and  semicook the paratha. Prepare all the parathas same

    way. Now open the layer of the  paratha from the broader side to get a pocket.  Put the paratha back

    on the frying pan . Now take a big spoon of the egg mixture and pour into the pocket of the paratha.. 

     close the pocket with the help of the laddle. It  will soon stick  and now cook  the paratha  on

    medium  heat  turning  it  3-4 times.The paratha will  look like a cushion. It is done now.