Peppermint tea

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  • Cuisine : North Indian
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Peppermint tea has a bold, refreshing taste. It is a comfort drink during the cold winters and relieves stomach upsets and indigestion real quick



Step By Step Method

  • Take 7-10 fresh peppermint leaves and crush them gently with your fingers or a pestle and place in a teacup. Pour 250 ml of hot water just short of boiling hot over the peppermint leaves and cover the cup for 7-12 minutes. Let the fragrant leaves impart its aroma and flavor to the water. Now strain the tea and add honey and lime to it to enjoy your peppermint tea. If you are using a tea bag, ensure to steep it in the same amount of water just for 3-5 minutes. Your delicious tea is ready. 

    Ensure if it is boiling water, let it cool down for a minute and then pour it over the tea bag or fresh peppermint leaves.


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