Raan musallam with flavoured spice rice, onion gravy and raita

  • Dinner
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 1hr 25 minsCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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Here I present to you all my signature dish, a persian and arabic dish with a indian touch.. Perfect blend of spices and a rich favour of Texture which will make you go yummmmm #Alhamdulillah


Marination: Mutton raan g2 paste Chilly pwd,turmeric pwd,coriander pwd Garam masala pwd Curd Oil Salt Mughal masala.. For the semi gravy: Onions cubed Capsicum Coriander Slit green chillies Redchilly pwd,turmeric pwd,coriander pwd Chilly red and green sauce,soya sauce,tomato sauce vinegar Zeera pwd Garam masala pwd Pepper pwd Chaat masala salt.. For spice rice: Basmati rice Oil Whole garam masala in potli Lemon Salt Food colour Coriander chopped.. Make khuska.. Serve with raan raita n biryani gravy



Step By Step Method

  • Marinate the mutton raan with the above marination ingredients for atleast 2 days.. Cook the marinated raan in low flame..till well done..add water if needed.. For the gravy.. Heat oil..add onions,capsicum,greenchillies..saute.. add the sauces and all the masalas..adjust the seasoning..add in the cooked raan..simmer till the masala is coated to the raan..garnish with coriander.. For the spice rice: Heat oil..add in zeera..potli masala ,food clr,lemon juice,salt and water.. add in the basmati rice.. cook till done.. Once done..plate the rice on a serving dish..add in raan musallam on to..garnish..