Sunday Brunch

  • Lunch
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 1Hr - 1 Hr 30MinCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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" Sunday Brunch " is a popular South Indian dish. It is a dish which is a combination of Paneer Cashew Pulav, Pudina Coriander chutney, Yogurt chutney and Peas Soya chunks curry. It is a very simple, flavorful and interesting dish that can be cooked very easily and served to your guests and your children, who will absolutely love it.


a) Panner Cashew Pulao Panner, cut into cubes-200gms Basmati rice - 500gms Oil - 6tsp Ghee - 4tsp Green Peas- 100gms Potatoes, cut into cubes- 50gms Soya chunks, soaked -10 to 20 Cashews -100gms Bay Leaf - 5 to 10 Salt to taste Green chillies, sliced finely-100gms Coriander, Pudina as desired Onion, sliced - 50gms Badam- 2 to 4 Ginger Garlic paste - 2tsp Cloves - 6 Cinnamon - 2 inch stick Cardamom - 2 Fennel seeds - 1tsp Poppy seeds - 1tsp Tomato - 1 medium sized Coconut paste - 1tsp Mace - 2 Dried kapok buds - 2 Star anise - 2 b) Yogurt chutney Yogurt - 500gms Cucumber - 1 Onion - 1 big Tomato -1 big Green chillies - 2 Coriander leaves Salt c) Pudina Coriander Chutney Coconut - 100gms Tamarind paste as per taste Salt Oil - 4 tsp Green chillies - 50 gms Onion, sliced - 1 medium Tomato, sliced - 1 medium Garlic - 10 Pudina leaves as desired Coriander leaves as desired d) Peas Soya Chunks Curry Soya chunks, soaked - 200gms Green Peas - 100 gms Carrots, cut into medium cubes - 2 Beans,medium sliced thinly - 100gms Potatoes, medium sliced into cubes - 2 Coconut, grinned - 100 gms Green chillies for taste Ginger - 2 inch stick Garlic - 10 cloves Onion, sliced - 1 small size Tomatoes, sliced - 2 big size Salt as per taste Oil - 6 tsp Curry leaves - 10 Coriander leaves as desired Fennel seeds - 1 tsp Cinnamon - 1 inch stick Cloves - 4 Poppy seeds - 1 tsp Turmeric powder - a pinch Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp Badam - 4


Prestige Pressure Cooker Prestige Mixer Prestige Non-Stick Fry Pan/ Tawa

Step By Step Method

  • a) Panner Cashew pulao recipe 1) Soak Basmati rice in water for 1/2 hour 2) For Masala paste: Grind onion, garlic ginger paste, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, tomato, coconut paste, badam, green chillies, mace and dried kapok buds in the Prestige Mixer. 3) Place Prestige pressure cooker over the stove and add oil to it. 4) Add cashews, bay leaf, star anise, panner, soaked soya chunks, green peas, potatoes and add the grind masala paste. Fry the above spices and vegetables for a while. 5)Then add water, salt and soaked basmati rice into it. 6) Boil it for 2 minutes. 7) Add chopped coriander and pudina leaves. 8) Finally add the ghee, close the lid of the cooker and add the whistle weight to the cooker, leave it for 5 minutes. 9) After 5 minutes, the pulao is ready to be served. b) Yogurt chutney recipe 1) Cut Cucumber, Onion, Tomato and Coriander leaves and add it in the curd. 2) Add salt as desired. c) Pudina Coriander Chutney recipe 1) Take Prestige Non-Stick Fry Pan and place it on the stove, add oil to it. 2) Add coconut, green chillies, garlic, onion, pudina, coriander leaves and fry them for a while. 3) After 5 minutes add tomato, tamarind paste and salt to the above mixture and fry it. 4) After frying them, grind them in Prestige Mixer to a fine paste. Then it is ready to serve. d) Peas Soya chunks curry recipe 1) Soak the soya chunks in water. 2) For Masala paste: Grind the coconut, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, green chillies, red chilli powder, coriander powder, salt, cinnamon stick, cloves, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, badam and coriander leaves in the Prestige Mixer. 3) Place Prestige pressure cooker over the stove and add oil to it. 4) Add Mustard seeds and curry leaves to the oil. 5) Add soaked Soya chunks, green peas and all sliced vegetables to it. Fry the spices and vegetables mixture for 2 minutes. 6) Add grinded masala paste and fry it for 2-3 minutes till the raw smell of the masala goes away. 7) Then add water and salt to it. 8) Close the lid of pressure cooker and add the whistle weight to the cooker, leave it on the gas stove until the first whistle. 9) After the first whistle, switch of the stove, the curry is ready to be served.