Zafrani Mutton Biryani

  • Lunch
  • 6 Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 2 hoursCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Rice cooked in thick and rich Mutton gravy .


Mutton - 1 kg Zeera Rice - 1 kg Oil - 250 ml Onions - 250 gms finely sliced Garlic paste- 2 tsp Ginger paste - 2 tsp Cloves - 4 Cardamom - 2 Cinnamon - 2 to 3 pieces Mint leaves - 1 bunch Red chilli powder- 3 tsp Yoghurt - 250 ml Tomato -2 medium sized sliced Salt as required Lemon - 1 Saffron - 2 pinch Colour -2 pinch lemon yellow .


Two alluminium vessels

Step By Step Method

  • Heat oil in a 2 kg utensil ,fry onions until light brown ,add the whole garam masala ,some mint leaves , Ginger garlic paste,fry well.Add red chilli powder , mutton and salt ,saute well for 15 minutes .Add yoghurt and one sliced tomato,add one medium sized glass of water .Cook in low flame until mutton becomes half cooked then add lemon juice and the remaining tomato ,cook for 10 minutes ,until oil is separated add remaining mint leaves . In another vessel boil 2 litres of water with lemon peels and some mint leaves . As the water boils remove the lemon peels and add soaked rice and add salt as required . Cook rice on high flame for 10 minutes ,drain half of the water from the rice using a sieve add the rice to cooked mutton and mix gently . Add soaked saffron and colour on top of the rice . Cover finely with alluminium foil and cook on low flame for 15 - 20 minutes . Serve with raitha and brinjal gravy .